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As soon as the weather heats up people start calling us to get their pools serviced but the best times to get your pool serviced are actually before it starts heating up. That way if we need to order any parts or do repairs we can still get it done before the summer heat starts. Backyard pools are such a great way to play together as a family and get active, and swimming is one of the few activities that can get a child away from staring at a screen. Read on to learn more about pool installation and maintenance.



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Different Repairs To Watch Out For On Your Swimming Pool

If you own a swimming pool, regular maintenance is needed for you to enjoy a cozy swim every now and then. This entails paying careful attention to the structure of your pool and getting damages fixed as soon as you notice them. Overall, there are several types of repair you should always expect as a pool owner.

Liner repair and replacement

 If you have a liner installed in your pool, it can get wrinkled or torn. A wrinkled liner is brought about due to poor installation. This happens where the liner was not stretched properly during installation. On the other hand, tearing may be accidental or due to wear. If your vinyl liner is wrinkled or torn, get the affected part patched. However, if your liner has widespread faults, think about getting it replaced in whole. 

Broken or loose tiles

If your pool has tiles, these can get loose or fall off completely over time. This is often a consequence of age where the binder cement starts loosening its grip on the tile. To restore the look of your pool, simply have the affected tiles replaced. If you have a quite a number of tiles coming off, it's better to have the whole pool redone as the remaining tiles are bound to be affected too. This way, you can have a new set of matching tiles installed at once.

Cracks and leaks

If your pool has a crack, this can cause leaks in your pool. Leaks will gradually empty your pool and cost you in pool refilling. The leaking water will also seep into the cement and weaken the pool structure in general. As such, cracks are best fixed immediately they are spotted. This will involve emptying the pool temporarily. The affected area is then cut out and filled with water proof cement and a filler layer.

Handle bars and pool fencing repairs

If you have support handle bars in your pool, these too can come loose after many years of use. These stainless steel bars can easily be reinforced onto the pool walling to prevent injuries when in the water. Alternatively, you can have them replaced if broken. Your pool fence too will need some work from time to time. This may involve painting, fixing damaged locks or repairing loose joints.

Pool equipment repair

Lastly, your pool equipment too will need repairs every now and then. This involves your pool pump, filter and the chlorinator. Pump repairs help keep your water fresh and aerated. This prevents pest inhabitation or accumulation of dirt. Your filters too will need to be changed so as to keep your pool water clean. As for the chlorinator, checks are important to make sure the right amount of chlorine is being dispensed at all times.

To ensure your pool stands out all year long, get yearly maintenance from a pool maintenance service such as Cygnet Pool Supplies & Service Pty Ltd. Remember that regular repairs are cheaper than overhauling your pool after long durations of neglect.