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As soon as the weather heats up people start calling us to get their pools serviced but the best times to get your pool serviced are actually before it starts heating up. That way if we need to order any parts or do repairs we can still get it done before the summer heat starts. Backyard pools are such a great way to play together as a family and get active, and swimming is one of the few activities that can get a child away from staring at a screen. Read on to learn more about pool installation and maintenance.



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Dispense With The Pleasantries: Should You Choose An Automatic Chlorine Dispenser For Your Pool?

Properly sanitising and chlorinating your pool water is probably the most important part of maintaining any pool, so naturally you will want to choose the most efficient chlorine delivery system for your needs. However, while the tried and tested method of placing chlorine pucks in your skimmer basket is still highly effective, there is another option; automatic chlorine dispensers, which pump an adjustable amount of chlorine directly into your pool water. However, while this modern method of pool chlorination has many advantages over traditional pucks, there are also a few disadvantages you should take into account before deciding on the right chlorination system for you.

What are the advantages of choosing an automatic chlorine dispenser?

  • Easy to use: Placing chlorine tablets in your skimmer basket can be a difficult and unpleasant job, particularly if the basket is clogged with waste. Chlorine dispensers are more easily accessible, and because they are not connected to your filter system you will find no unpleasant surprises when you open them up.
  • Precise control: With adjustable rates of chlorine release, chlorine dispensers are an excellent way to easily maintain the right level of chlorination in your pool. They also reduce the risk of accidental overdosing, but can nonetheless be adjusted to high release rates to allow easy shocking.
  • Less oversight: Most chlorine dispensers are fitted with easy-to-read chlorine level gauges, so you can easily check when your dispenser needs refilling without having to remove and clean your skimmer basket. Automatic release also allows you to leave your pool unattended for days at a time (for instance during holidays) without coming back to a algae-ridden mess.
  • Eliminates corrosion: Chlorine added to your skimmer basket can corrode the delicate internal surfaces of your skimmer and filter system over time, a problem avoided with an external dispenser.
  • Reduces waste: Unlike skimmer tablets which release chlorine constantly, dispensers can be turned off when your pool is not in use, reducing chlorine costs and preventing bleaching.

What about the disadvantages?

  • Initial cost: While chlorine dispensers use roughly the same amount of chlorine as you would manually adding chlorine to your skimmer basket, they can be expensive to purchase, especially if you choose a high capacity or very finely adjustable model. Installing the dispenser can also be costly if you choose to have it professionally fitted.
  • Perishing: Rubber and plastic components of your dispenser, such as seals and o-rings, can degrade over time due to chlorine and sunlight exposure. Finding spare parts to replace perished parts can be difficult, especially if you choose a lesser-known brand.
  • Gas buildup: The chamber in a dispenser that holds the chlorine tends to fill with evaporated chlorine gas over time, which is released suddenly when you open the dispenser. This is generally not a problem for outdoor pools, but may cause an unpleasant odour in indoor pools, and can cause discomfort and pain to people with respiratory problems or allergic reactions.

For more information or advice, contact a business such as Leisure Coast Pool Centre.