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As soon as the weather heats up people start calling us to get their pools serviced but the best times to get your pool serviced are actually before it starts heating up. That way if we need to order any parts or do repairs we can still get it done before the summer heat starts. Backyard pools are such a great way to play together as a family and get active, and swimming is one of the few activities that can get a child away from staring at a screen. Read on to learn more about pool installation and maintenance.



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3 Essential Merits of Installing Your Home's Swimming Pool During Winter

A swimming pool is one of the most important utilities for many homeowners; it makes those hot summer days a bit more bearable for them. However, some homeowners don't know that correct timing is essential when it comes to swimming pool construction.

As such, the following points explain why winter is the most appropriate period to have your swimming pool constructed.

Faster Acquisition of Construction Permits

Before adding any construction to your home, it is mandatory for you to seek the approval of the relevant licensing authorities in the area. Such approval often comes in the form of a construction permit.

During the hectic summer days when most pool construction businesses are at their peak, it can take up to several weeks to process a permit for your project. That will, in turn, delay the commencement of your project severely.

On the contrary, the permits are usually obtained much quicker during the winter period due to the reduced amount of pool construction orders made at this time of the year. Even if some delays are experienced, pool builders will still have a long buffer period by starting the project early. Hence, there will be a lot of time to see to it that your pool is ready to be used before it is summer time.

More Readily Available Construction Workers

The best pool builders in the market use highly-proficient construction workers, most of whom are often too busy during the summer when business is booming. After all, that is the time when many homeowners start to think about cooling off in the swimming pool area.

Deciding to commence the construction of your pool during the summer when many other homeowners are also doing so will probably result in scheduling clashes for pool builders. Approaching these builders at the beginning of the winter season will make it easy for them to assign the most skilled and experienced workers available to handle your project.

More Cost-Effective Installation

Because the winter period typically leads to less business for pool builders, the odds that they will offer a significant discount for your swimming pool's construction are greater.

As a result, you might pay a much lower price than if you had waited till summer. That makes winter a perfect time to approach a pool builder if you want to obtain the best possible results at a good price.

Indeed, you can enjoy the above-discussed benefits by choosing to install your home's swimming pool during the winter. This way, your pool will be ready when you want to cool off in the summer. For more information, contact Sundollar Pools.