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Keeping your pool looking cool

As soon as the weather heats up people start calling us to get their pools serviced but the best times to get your pool serviced are actually before it starts heating up. That way if we need to order any parts or do repairs we can still get it done before the summer heat starts. Backyard pools are such a great way to play together as a family and get active, and swimming is one of the few activities that can get a child away from staring at a screen. Read on to learn more about pool installation and maintenance.



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Common Swimming Pool Problems and Solutions

Most of the common problems associated with swimming pools can be prevented or controlled through regular care and maintenance. However, the servicing tasks are not foolproof. Therefore you may experience some setbacks in terms of the pool's cleanliness and water 'health'. It is recommended for you to consult a pool expert if there is an unknown problem to prevent escalation. Moreover, you should collect samples of the pool water for periodic assessment in a specialist laboratory. Read More 

How to Pick the Perfect Place for a New Swimming Pool

Planning and constructing a swimming pool for your yard is a great way to build a feature that can provide years of fun for you and your family. Although it is exciting to be planning a pool, there are a few things to remember when picking where to build the pool. This article looks at some of the things you should consider when installing a pool. Lean Towards Built-in Visibility Read More 

Safety Tips For New Backyard Pool Owners

Although having a pool installed in your backyard is an exciting time, it is important to understand the responsibilities that come with it. Unfortunately, many adults and children still die every year by drowning in a yard pool. In most cases, this can be avoided by following some etiquette and safety tips when using the pool. Let's have a look at some: Plan It Properly If you are at the planning stage of having the pool installed, use this opportunity to make the first important step in pool safety: never design the pool so that a side of your property forms one side of the fence for the pool. Read More 

Different Repairs To Watch Out For On Your Swimming Pool

If you own a swimming pool, regular maintenance is needed for you to enjoy a cozy swim every now and then. This entails paying careful attention to the structure of your pool and getting damages fixed as soon as you notice them. Overall, there are several types of repair you should always expect as a pool owner. Liner repair and replacement  If you have a liner installed in your pool, it can get wrinkled or torn. Read More 

3 Essential Merits of Installing Your Home’s Swimming Pool During Winter

A swimming pool is one of the most important utilities for many homeowners; it makes those hot summer days a bit more bearable for them. However, some homeowners don't know that correct timing is essential when it comes to swimming pool construction. As such, the following points explain why winter is the most appropriate period to have your swimming pool constructed. Faster Acquisition of Construction Permits Before adding any construction to your home, it is mandatory for you to seek the approval of the relevant licensing authorities in the area. Read More