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As soon as the weather heats up people start calling us to get their pools serviced but the best times to get your pool serviced are actually before it starts heating up. That way if we need to order any parts or do repairs we can still get it done before the summer heat starts. Backyard pools are such a great way to play together as a family and get active, and swimming is one of the few activities that can get a child away from staring at a screen. Read on to learn more about pool installation and maintenance.



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Five Features to Make Your Swimming Pool More Fun for Toddlers

A pool offers fun for people of all ages, but if you want your pool to appeal to toddlers in particular, you may want to consider a few custom features. Here are five amazing ideas that will make your pool more fun and safe for your little ones:

1. Baby Slide

While tall and steep slides can be super fun for older kids, they can be too scary for young kids. Instead, save the tall slide for later, and put in a kiddie slide.

This should have an easy-to-mount ladder that is only a few steps high, and it should release your toddler gently into a depth of water that he or she can easily stand in.

2. Water Sprinklers

If you want to entice your child to stay in the shallow end of the pool, you can make it more exciting by adding water features. Many custom pool designers are happy to set up novelty sprinklers in the shallow part of your pool, and these can have fun designs like rainbows or animals.

If you like, you don't even have to put sprinklers into a pool. Instead, you can orient them on a zero depth splash pad.

3. Slip-Resistant Decking

It can be hard for toddlers to remember rules, and because of that, they may be more tempted to run around the deck of the pool than older kids. To keep them safe, consider putting in a slip-resistant deck. If you already have concrete, you can add a slip-resistant paint or polish to it.

4. Vinyl Liners

Unfortunately, if the sides of you swimming pool are made of concrete, they can be very bumpy and abrasive. This can hurt the sensitive skin of toddlers who may be trying to learn to swim while holding onto the edges of the pool.

To eliminate this discomfort, consider investing in a smooth vinyl pool liner. Alternatively, you can work with a pool installer to get a smooth-sided glass pool.

5. Climbing Boulder

You can add a climbing wall to the side of almost any pool, and this is a great feature for adults or older kids who like a challenge. However, to bring this idea to scale for toddlers, consider a climbing boulder. Because it's lower than most climbing walls, you don't have to worry about falls, but your toddler can still express his need to climb and work on developing his or her coordination.

For more information about what you can add to custom designer pools to cater them to your toddlers, contact a local pool company.